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April 20, 2018 by audubon_Church

One of the greatest of privileges for His children is the opportunity to approach Him with our prayers.  I wish that I could confess to you that I always understand the nature of prayer; I do not.  How is it that my prayers can possibly intersect and affect the sovereignty of God?  Why sometimes do I feel so certain that He hears me, while at other times I am not so sure at all?  How  does He sometimes answer me in real and visible ways, while at other times through the quiet confidence of a previously unsettled heart?  How are the prayers of many Saints heard, and are they more effective than a quietly pleading man?  How can I pray more expectantly without approaching a prosperity-like position?  Is my current “style” of conversational throughout my day too casual, or even good, as compared with “in my prayer closet”?  All of these questions and more are very real ponderings of a man on a journey.

While there is much that I do not know concerning prayer, there is MUCH MUCH that I do:

  1. I know that praying postures me before my God as I should be – i.e. submitted to Him and His authority in all areas of my life.  This is no small matter for me.
  2. I know that prayer makes me confess that just possibly He knows better than I, and just possibly His mysterious ways are beyond me and require my trust.
  3. I know that praying often shows me the inner secrets of my heart and what is truly underneath.  Sometimes this is a happy experience, other times, not so much.
  4. I know that praying causes me to ponder His Ways / Will more intentionally as I long for my prayers to find “His Will”.
  5. I know that praying draws me closer relationally to my brothers and sisters for whom I pray.
  6. I know that praying pulls the attention from my tendency towards inwardness, and pushes me towards Him and others in my thoughts.

All of these and so many more are good and necessary and healthy for my daily walk as a man – no matter the outcome of my prayers.  To be sure, the Bible has much to say about prayer and we should earnestly study it… with thanksgiving, abiding in me, without ceasing, in your closed room, in righteousness, steadfastly, watchful, expectantly, in the morning, with confidence, in patience, kneeling, and more.  When I review such a list, I am certain I have miles to go in my journey.  Yet, having all the answers is not the point – seeking Him through my obedience to pray as commanded in Scripture is and such is enough for this day.
So, what’s on my heart:


To be sure, I pray a lot; still I am confident that I do not pray nearly enough as it often evades my deepest understanding.  I get to approach a perfect and loving and Holy Father with the cries of my heart.  What amazing and marvelous love.

Jeremiah 29:12, Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.