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Newsletter: November, 2021

Judson Building Windows

I am writing to ask for your consideration and prayerful participation in a fundraising campaign aimed specifically at replacing the 22 windows of the Judson Building. The Judson Building windows are original, placed into service in 1956. To a large degree, all are permanently inoperable. The Trustee committee has prayerfully considered numerous options the past several years, including repair and painting, and straightforwardly, deferment.The time has come in which replacement is required.

I recently read a story of a sister church located in Kentucky that celebrated 140 years of legacy. The article shared of the church opening a “Time-Capsule”, tucked away in a room within the church. The capsule was from 1947, and among other things, contained a Bible and an official register of names whose financial blessings had paid for the church facility. To those that read through the names on the list, many were recognized as forefathers and foremothers. Can you imagine, worshipping in the very place that your great grandparents had toiled, laboring for the sake of the Gospel? There is no higher blessing on Earth than being the protégé of those that have gone before us, and prayerfully, the link to those who shall follow.

Do you believe that your participation in this campaign matters? It does! For as in one Body we have many members, and the members do not all have the same function, so we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another. ROM 12:4-5.While a few can make a difference, the entirety of our congregation working together means more to me as your pastor. Your participation will not only serve to bless the current congregation of Audubon, for we pray also the Lord would bless this place with a future that extends beyond ourselves.Such is the picture of Gospel continuance of the faith once delivered to the Saints.

Those participating in the campaign will be “Time-Capsuled” with official recognition in our church library. It is my prayer, that in the years and decades ahead, His church remains, Gospel-centered, with a congregation, like us, that pays it forward. I pray that they would look at our names, glorifying God because of us (GAL 1:24). I pray too that the Lord would be glorified by our children and our children’s children, and increasingly, those that don’t presently share in the legacy of Audubon. May they be grafted into our Body, strengthening us, and benefitting from our work and sacrifice for King Jesus.

The campaign will run through yearend, with the windows replaced in early 2022. The cost of each window is $450; together, we can raise the necessary funds and ensure our beautiful facility is stewarded for generations to come. If you or your family would like to participate in in this campaign, please complete a form and forward to the church office. Forms are available in the church foyer.

You may ask me, or any of the Trustees, related questions for this project; we have done our homework and are willing to share any information you desire. The company chosen for this project is locally owned, long-term within the Louisville area, and offers a lifetime guarantee on the windows.

Each member of this church is special to me. May God bless you. Thank you for your prayerful consideration.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Jeff